This is a view of John Schnatter, aka Papa Johns’ house.

Do you see this house? It’s massive. It could house you, me and 50 of our closest friends and we’d still have room to perform a gold winning gymnastics routine.

But this asshole doesn’t want to give his workers healthcare because it will raise pizzas 11 to 14 cents.

11 to 14 cents.

Not dollars, cents. As $0.11-$0.14.

Here’s what I don’t understand; some people who criticize Obamacare and say it’s for people who are “lazy”, who don’t want to work. It’s another “hand-out”.

But these people that work for Papa Johns are not lazy. They’re working trying to make ends meet and you can’t raise pizzas by $0.11- $0.14 so your workers are covered and healthy so they can attend work and be productive? You can give away 2 million pizzas but you don’t want to insure your workers? You would rather cut their hours because you’re throwing a one percent hissy fit?

Ass. Straight up asshole.